Every once in a while I am given the privilege and opportunity to speak about  ministry and what Jesus is doing through our lives and community.

If you would like me to come and speak at your event or gathering, please contact me. I’d love to connect with you.


email: wifeoftony@gmail.com

Here is what people are saying:

~ Thank you Kimberley for abiding in the Word and faithful to share with us!

~ Your honesty, openness, really spoke to me about how Christian relationships could encourage, uplift and give courage & direction to your sister in faith.

~ You were a sweet encouragement. Your love & dependence of Jesus radiates from you. Thank you for your vulnerability.

~ You have poured into us such sweet treasures from God’s Word! I appreciate all your study & effort preparing encouragement for us.

~ Thank you for sharing God’s Word, backing up scripture with scripture and being so vulnerable with us.

~ Wonderful and calming speaking voice and message.

~Thank you Kimberley, for your vulnerability AND faithfulness to share God’s character & healing in your own life. I am blessed! AND the mechanics of putting all the sessions together in a cohesive manner was stellar.

~Thank you for using lots of scripture as the basis for our direction-and for addressing the roles of women at different stages of life.