For Form & Face

Welcome to For Form & Face!

My Trim Healthy journey began after my fourth pregnancy, where I found that I was gaining weight, regardless of how much I was exercising and cutting calories.

Four years later, discouraged and reaching for size 14 jeans, I finally borrowed the Trim Healthy Mama book from a friend and spent the next two months reading and re-reading all those pages until I had a good understanding of The Plan. I began Trim Healthy Mama in March of 2017 where I lost 50 pounds over the following 8 months that I continue to maintain; still in awe as I now reach for my size 2/4 jeans.

I joyfully consider myself a nerd about this plan and I love to talk about it and explain it to anyone who wants to listen!

If you are confused about S’s and E’s and FP’s and when and where and how to implement this plan into your life, I would love to work with and encourage you on this journey to a vibrant and healthy life!

Here is what clients are saying:

“Kimberley is so supportive and knowledgeable. I don’t think anyone will ever ask more questions than me, and yet she always responded promptly. She helped me see this lifestyle change as exciting and doable, which it is. I really enjoy working with her and have no doubt you will as well” ~Stephanie C.

“She’s so knowledgeable and helpful! A true servants heart! She took the confusion out of my THM journey” ~ Tricia W.

Flexible Coaching Packages include:

  • One on One Coaching
  • Group sessions (includes working with families)
  • Trim Healthy Mama Book Study lessons
  • Retreat/Conference Speaking
  • Menu Planning
  • Before and After Photoshoots!

I can’t wait to hear from you!


cell: 509.424.0970