The Pastor’s Pew.

She came to the door about 6 months ago,her hair coiffed and graying. She knew the family that had built this old house and her husband had hung a light fixture long gone in the entrance way near the stairs.I just wanted to see the old house, she said, and I was wondering if the fireplace … Continue reading The Pastor’s Pew.

Why Are You There?

On this street that we live on we hear the rumors,the whisperings of the ones who carry danger with them everywhere they go.It's said quietly and hushed,Avoid them, at all costs. Stay away if you see him (or her) coming.Tony, he drives home in our car that is blue in a territory that is clearly … Continue reading Why Are You There?

Short-term missions…and why my kids will probably stay home.

I think I've figured out the frustration I feel as I watch them walk up and down these streets most days. Them in their white button up shirts and straight ties, pressed black pants and backpacks slung nonchalantly over their shoulders.I've figured out my frustration over their boldness in approaching strangers who carry brown paper … Continue reading Short-term missions…and why my kids will probably stay home.