Dear Lyla,

All week long I've been teasing you. Every time you do something, I remind you that it's only x-number of days left of doing that thing as a 12 year old. This morning, I came into your room and, as I woke you, I called out loudly, "Lyla!! Get up! It's your last morning being … Continue reading Dear Lyla,

For the Mess {A Letter to My Four}

You are going to mess up, dear ones. In both big and small ways. Ways that feel life-shattering and leave you feeling unbalanced, longing for that one moment to do all over again.   That feeling will live in the back of your mind, like chains wrapped around your wrists, keeping you from reaching out … Continue reading For the Mess {A Letter to My Four}

For Tony

The roads going home from those woods wound deep beneath the tires and the tears on my face were making tracks of their own.I may have over-watered the pepper plants three days ago that I promised our older three I would keep alive, but I put them back in the garden window where the sun … Continue reading For Tony