For When it All Breaks Outward

The list of names is growing in the back of my Bible.Even though our rooms are overflowing and it seems at times there are more kids than any of us as staff can handle together, there are faces that you come to expect each day - smiles and voices that  you suddenly realize haven't been … Continue reading For When it All Breaks Outward

The Pastor’s Pew.

She came to the door about 6 months ago,her hair coiffed and graying. She knew the family that had built this old house and her husband had hung a light fixture long gone in the entrance way near the stairs.I just wanted to see the old house, she said, and I was wondering if the fireplace … Continue reading The Pastor’s Pew.

To Stay

It felt a lot later then it was when I woke up in the dark last night. It was only silent for about 10 seconds before the quick succession of 6 gunshots rang out in the street out front of our home. Everyone else around me slept; a mirace I don't take for granted.I prayed … Continue reading To Stay