Friday Favorites: Vol. 2

Friday comes and quietly sneaks by, but still, favorites should be shared. My hope is that in sharing some of these, that your heart is drawn to beauty in the everyday things, and that you may find something here that turns your eyes back on to Jesus, for from whom all beauty comes. My subscription … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Vol. 2

In the Quiet

I stand on the edge of the ocean without moving. The four are running around like crazy people; no path to follow, no agenda to keep. They just run for the joy of running. I stand with the salty spray on my face, while Tony entwines his fingers slowly through mine. There is a house … Continue reading In the Quiet

It’s Monday

It's Monday, which means the beds sit bare after being stripped and wait for their new linens. It means the washing machine competes with the whirring of the dryer and in between lessons and reading and those tear-inducing math equations, I fold warm towels and stack clean clothes and I bend over to put it … Continue reading It’s Monday