December dawns with ice thick on the trees and my breath freezing on the scarf around my neck as I walk the trail out behind the house. I don't know how many footsteps I've taken over the past 4 months, walking the field behind us, but I still can't get my fill of the horizon … Continue reading Hope

Memory Monday on a Wednesday…with Matthew Henry

There has been much waiting in this season, and as I recite my verses, I tend to linger on verse 19, "I am a sojourner on the earth..." Yes. This week found me leaning into the beginning of this week's verses, "My soul clings to the dust..." Again, yes. When everything feels uncertain, when you … Continue reading Memory Monday on a Wednesday…with Matthew Henry

In the Quiet

I stand on the edge of the ocean without moving. The four are running around like crazy people; no path to follow, no agenda to keep. They just run for the joy of running. I stand with the salty spray on my face, while Tony entwines his fingers slowly through mine. There is a house … Continue reading In the Quiet