For the Mess {A Letter to My Four}

You are going to mess up, dear ones. In both big and small ways. Ways that feel life-shattering and leave you feeling unbalanced, longing for that one moment to do all over again.   That feeling will live in the back of your mind, like chains wrapped around your wrists, keeping you from reaching out … Continue reading For the Mess {A Letter to My Four}

How Time Can Fill

She was only 10 the first time I met her. The same age as my second oldest daughter now. She and her little brother attached themselves to me and as we tried to figure out ministry and family and the combination of the two, she kept welcoming me in.   Her dad had passed away … Continue reading How Time Can Fill

In the Quiet

I stand on the edge of the ocean without moving. The four are running around like crazy people; no path to follow, no agenda to keep. They just run for the joy of running. I stand with the salty spray on my face, while Tony entwines his fingers slowly through mine. There is a house … Continue reading In the Quiet