For When it isn’t Enough {A post by Tony}

People often ask me what the worst part of this job is.  Contrary to popular belief it's not gunfire at all hours of the day and night, physical violence, constant lies, all our things that have gone missing, lice, broken promises, mice or a myriad of other things to choose from.Jesus said (Mathew 10:22) that we … Continue reading For When it isn’t Enough {A post by Tony}

For When You Aren’t Always Sure

I don’t think he would have noticed it if the glass of that old window wasn’t in shards all over the ground.It’s a window that I found hidden far back in a forgotten corner of the basement in this place we now call our own.It’s been sitting on our porch for almost 2 years now, … Continue reading For When You Aren’t Always Sure

To Stay

It felt a lot later then it was when I woke up in the dark last night. It was only silent for about 10 seconds before the quick succession of 6 gunshots rang out in the street out front of our home. Everyone else around me slept; a mirace I don't take for granted.I prayed … Continue reading To Stay