{Crossway Review} Prayer and the Word

In seasons of waiting and uncertainty, the words of another often bring the most comfort to a heart that can feel adrift. In this past year I have found the truth of that in reading the Puritans. Not only have I purposefully begun to pray through the Valley of Vision, but I have pressed into … Continue reading {Crossway Review} Prayer and the Word

In the Sojourning

We sit across from another couple in the brightly lit cafe, cups of coffee and tea warming our hands. We have flown back from a quick visit to Washington and I'm a jumble of emotions. A job has been offered and we are praying over it...and I make a small comment about how much I … Continue reading In the Sojourning


December dawns with ice thick on the trees and my breath freezing on the scarf around my neck as I walk the trail out behind the house. I don't know how many footsteps I've taken over the past 4 months, walking the field behind us, but I still can't get my fill of the horizon … Continue reading Hope