To Stay

It felt a lot later then it was when I woke up in the dark last night. It was only silent for about 10 seconds before the quick succession of 6 gunshots rang out in the street out front of our home. Everyone else around me slept; a mirace I don't take for granted.I prayed … Continue reading To Stay


The laundry is spinning and drying again, another load tossed in and another one folded.  The monotony of the mundane has been what I've craved in the last 24 though I'm afraid to run out of dirty clothes because if I do, things won't feel normal again.The sarcastic part of me sighs, really? Run … Continue reading Bulletproof

Short-term missions…and why my kids will probably stay home.

I think I've figured out the frustration I feel as I watch them walk up and down these streets most days. Them in their white button up shirts and straight ties, pressed black pants and backpacks slung nonchalantly over their shoulders.I've figured out my frustration over their boldness in approaching strangers who carry brown paper … Continue reading Short-term missions…and why my kids will probably stay home.