My name is Kimberley and I am so glad you are here.

I’m a Canadian girl who met an American boy and when he asked, I said yes and we moved together down to the US.

I had two baby girls in 18 months and then we decided to move back to Canada.

I had a baby boy there too.

I wrote about those last 7 years in a quiet space over at my little corner.

I love Jesus. I have loved Him since I was 4.

But my life hasn’t always reflected that.

My life has been more marked by fear.

So in a whirlwind of loss, from Tony’s dad’s suicide to the loss of a life that I thought I desperately wanted, God moved us back down to Washington where we knew no one and gave us a fresh start.

And a ministry.

And another baby girl.

And a consuming desire for anything other then safe and normal and comfort.

(I still desire a good cup of coffee though – that hasn’t changed.)

That’s why i decided to close the door on my little corner – not because those words are no longer important, because they are. But I wrote from a place that desired safe and quiet and nothing too wild.

Over the last year however, I have grown to believe He wants more for us and from us as a people who claim to follow Him.

And so I write now in the midst of a whirlwind of life and changes while trusting that because God is here in the middle of my life, I have all the stability i need. And in the middle of everything I don’t always understand, I will find Him faithful and strong.

There was a print that hung in my kitchen wall before kids and coffee rendered it to the recycling bin – a print that has become what I desire most for my soul that trembles so easily with fear.

This blog is a documenting of our journey as we figure out what it means to give God our everything in the middle of transition, not being sure of where we will land in a few months.

It’s a documenting of how to instill in our children eyes that see beyond now to keep an eternal God and an eternal future as their plumb line.

It’s a documenting of a woman who is becoming passionate about the telling – that no matter what side of the tracks you live, we all have worth, we all are loved by a Holy and Wild God and we can love and live just as radically as Jesus did while He walked this sod…all the while I home school our children, support and love my husband, and figure out how everything else fits into all of this.

So maybe you’ll want to grab a cup of coffee and join me for a bit? I would love it if you did.

Welcome friend.