{Crossway Review} Prayer and the Word

In seasons of waiting and uncertainty, the words of another often bring the most comfort to a heart that can feel adrift.

In this past year I have found the truth of that in reading the Puritans. Not only have I purposefully begun to pray through the Valley of Vision, but I have pressed into the writing of Thomas Goodwin, John Flavel, and Ralph Venning

And then, Crossway offered a physical copy of the ESV Prayer Bible almost a year ago, and I had the privilege of receiving one to review.

As soon as I opened the wrapping, it found a place beside my kitchen sink opened to the passage I was memorizing.

Plain, like the dress of the Puritans, it’s covering belies the beauty of the truth inside. Not only is the Word of God presented beautifully, the added prayers of men and women of old passionately in love with the God they served and worship only enhance, and not take away. Hundreds of years have not diminished the prayers prayed, or the truth of Scripture.

If you are needing a plan to help you keep on track with reading Scripture, I highly recommend the Bible Reading Challenge. We are almost done for the “school year”, but we read through the whole New Testament over the summer and it would be a wonderful time to join in!! Feast on the Word of God, let it shape you so that in times of waiting and distress, the words you read will be ones you draw on. Scripture is breathed out by God, living and active – let it strengthen you and fill you and give you peace.

From the ESV Prayer Bible

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