Memory Monday: Week 12

This past week seems to be the one where the words of these verses have begun to solidify in my mind. Where I randomly wake up in the early dark, and instead of the uncertainty of everything running through my mind, I turn to the first 20 verses of Psalm 119 without needing to reach for my light to look at my notebook, or unlock my phone to practice on the memory app.

I need to remember this in everyday things too – the packing up of boxes and rooms and memories can seem overwhelming at first, because there are so many. But as we each faithfully work on the task at hand, rooms get cleaned up, books get stored away, and a roller coaster of emotions get talked through , rather than rushed.

Memorizing chapter 119 is very much the same – the repetition begins to carve deep groves in my soul and the words flow freer and I’m able to recognize this whole process as more than a Psalm, because in verse 4 it takes a turn from an introduction to a personal prayer that can be offered throughout my day.

This past week I whispered the beginning of verse 19 each day and I felt a pulling towards it, because it’s true; I and my family are sojourners in this season. However, instead of feeling fear and uncertainty of what this word holds, I feel a joy underneath everything – because in this season of waiting and everything changing, I am coming to know the unchanging nature of God in a new and beautiful way.

Where my prayers have held a begging and pleading in the past months, they are now couched with words like, “Jesus, You know that this need exists…and I trust that You see.”

To be a sojourner means to reside temporarily in a place – and while that is true in this coming season, it was true in every season before – whether I realized it or not.

This life is but a mist, temporary in the length of it. Tony posted a picture on Facebook in light of the Face App challenge that has been circulating around that was sobering in its humor.

In a hundred years we will all be dust, and most likely forgotten by everyone who knew us…

But what joy to think that in 100 years, my sojourning days will have been completed…it won’t matter if I was born in Canada or an immigrant to the US – what will matter is that I will be a citizen of Heaven, standing in the presence of Jesus Christ, my King.

This sojourning can feel unsettling at times, yes, but this Psalm points us to the answer that brings peace beyond all understanding –

We orient our lives towards Jesus, and like the Psalmist, we say, “my soul is consumed with longing for your rules at all times”. These rules are not to bring salvation, but to bring us to abide in Him, in His Word – to find our true foundation when it’s tempting to see only chaos.

May this coming week find us clinging to the unchanging God who created us, trusting that He will lead and guide as we move through each day.

Feel free to download Week 12’s lockscreen to your phone by clicking on the image.

Come over and join me at the group I created over at Bible Memory – click here to find it!

And I saw this T-shirt as I was scrolling through Instagram and bookmarked it as a future gift idea – I’m sure after reading through this post, you can see why it caught my eye. May this word remind each of us of our dependency on Christ, and draw us ever closer to Him.

Sola Gratia website is amazing!!

One more link for you:

Tony Baker is someone incredibly special – he is a hilarious and kind father, an incredibly loving and strong husband, a man of integrity and character who loves Jesus and lives humbly. 

I am so proud to be his wife and to walk through life together with him, no matter how many twists and turns pop up along the way.

This past season has been filled with the “unexpected”, but instead of stressing about it, or questioning God’s plan or will for our life, Tony wrote.

And he wrote an AMAZING story, full of beauty and wonder, intrigue, suspense, and joy.

Our children sat motionless through most of the listening and I sat in Starbucks while I edited with tears running down my face.

I know he is my husband, and this could all be taken as wifely-gushing, but this book is *good*. You should read it. 


And then when you are done, let your kids read it – don’t let Summer pass by without a good read to carry with you!!

Available on Kindle and Paperback, you can order it here!

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