Friday Favorites: Vol. 3 {Giveaway}

One week ago, I was preparing to drive out to a camp and speak five sessions at a women’s retreat an hour away.

As I drove, I couldn’t help but marvel at the goodness of God.8 years, and one week ago today, I pulled up to our new home here in Yakima – Tony’s younger sister and her husband helping us unload the U-Haul.

That night, after it was just the five of us again, in those years before Zeruiah completed us, I remember walking out to the driveway in my bare feet and looking up into the night sky.

The moon was almost full, and as I raised my eyes to look at it, I’ll never forget that feeling of aloneness that settled over me – the knowledge that we knew no one…that no one knew us, and should something go wrong, there was no one in town to reach out to, to ask for help.

So much has changed…

One year and one week ago, I never dreamed that Jesus would open the doors for me to speak again – we were just trying to breathe.

In this season of rebuilding, so much has been rearranged, removed, and restored. My position at Madison House ended, and yet the door was opened for me to start my own business, allowing me to stay at home and homeschool while still supporting the staff at MH through volunteering.

This morning, while Tony and I went out for our weekly coffee date, he looked at me and asked why I hadn’t launched my Coaching site – I had a litany of reasons, but when he gently dug deeper, he unearthed what we both already knew…


And all I could think of was Paul’s second letter to Timothy – how he wrote down the truth that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and sound judgment.

Years ago, I prayed for a love of God’s Word to fill me, a desire to dig in and to know more of Jesus through what was revealed in the pages of scripture. I haven’t always done this well, but even in the times that I have failed, Jesus has been so faithful to draw me back to Himself.

And so I share my love of Him here in this space, and now through this new adventure of Food Freedom and the beauty of good nutrition based on His Word.

This past Christmas, two of the same bracelets were ordered from my favorite jeweler by accident, but we decided to not return the second one. In the back of my mind I thought doing a giveaway would be fun and I think that time has come, because today is a day to celebrate the start of For Form & Face, but also, belatedly, our the 8th anniversary of our move to Yakima, and how good Jesus has been to us here in this space.

This is the Parallel Bracelet – a cuff that wraps around your wrist to remind you how Jesus leads. That in Him alone is fullness of joy, and at His hand are pleasures forevermore.

Maybe you need that reminder too? Maybe you need to celebrate this truth along with me?

To enter, leave a comment here (1 comment per person), telling us of a good thing that Jesus has done in your life! Comments will be open for one week, and end on March 22 at 9PM PST. (US residents only)

So, while this is the only “Friday Favorite” this week, I think it’s a good one, and I can’t wait to share it with you as well!

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Vol. 3 {Giveaway}

  1. janene says:

    God healed me of my extreme back and throat pains simultaneously. then i was able to go to a wonderful women’s retreat with my friends and make new friends!


  2. flyingwagners says:

    It’s so hard to narrow down which journey I’ve seen our savior the “most”. Most recently the Lord pulled back the window shades for me and invited me to see him working in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen. It was during my daughters food allergy journey that he allowed me to know, and solidified in my heart that he knows every cell in our bodies. Because he created us! Nothing is outside of his jurisdiction.


  3. skylar culton says:

    1 good thing jesus has done in my life is he brought me to madison house where i got to meet Tony and his family and all the staff of madison house and making it a safe place for me to go and hangout and make many friends.


  4. Elena Ordaz says:

    Wow. I’m so proud of you Kimberly
    I just feel so blessed to have meet you and your family. You are an amazing family that I look up to!!!


  5. Bob says:

    Eight years ago the Lord brought an enormous gift to the youth of Yakima in the persons of the Baker family, and to me personally one of the most precious gifts He could bring to anyone. He intensified that gift to the kids when He brought that family to ministry at Madison House, and continues to add to His gifts to all of us, through Tony, Kimberley, and the whole family. Praise God – I give thanks – and will also pray for much success in this new venture – having seen how you use the gifts He has bestowed on you all, for the greater Glory of the Lord.


  6. Dalyn says:

    I’m grateful the Lord keeps guiding and directing and I know He’s there- always and every minute. Moving to Yakima was hard but has been beautiful. We moved from a rain forest into the desert but I feel like it’s home. God taught me here on this patch of sagebrush to stand unapologetically in the large space He has put me ❤️


  7. Mary Jo Cumpston says:

    There have been many but one that he is still working is that after my husband’s death he has been showing me how faithful he is, how each of my 9 children are truly a gift from him and my husband, and how he works together to restore and heal! I still struggle greatly but in the end I know Jesus is there. Every day, every step of the way, whether I feel him or not He is there!


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