Friday Favorites: Vol. 2

Friday comes and quietly sneaks by, but still, favorites should be shared.

My hope is that in sharing some of these, that your heart is drawn to beauty in the everyday things, and that you may find something here that turns your eyes back on to Jesus, for from whom all beauty comes.

My subscription to the She Reads Truth printed study books is coming to an end, but I have to say that this past year engaging with these studies in their printed form has been one of my favorite ways to engage in the Word of God. Jen Wilkin, in her book, “Women of the Word” encourages printing out the text so that you can engage with it – highlight, take notes, connect verses – in a way that isn’t always as easy or practical, in a Bible. And I have to agree. This has a been a beautiful way to dig deeper.

She Reads Truthh

Thirteen years ago, I was very pregnant with my firstborn when I discovered this series. There is something about a good mystery that I love and this has a bit of science fiction thrown in. These are definitely *not* in the Christian genre, and deal with hard subject matter – but the dealings with good and evil and a protagonist that is as unique as this one keeps me coming back. Tony began reading them a few years after me, and now when Lincoln & Child release a new Pendergast book, we sit and read it together. This one we finished over the weekend with much sneaking away to a quiet room so we could steal a few moments together. (Maybe *that’s* that real reason why I love these books…)

Speaking of books, I received this next one for Christmas from a dear friend. I began reading Tim Challies blog a few years ago, intrigued by the musings of a fellow Canadian. He has tackled different subjects on his website that I both agree and disagree with, but he continually points his reader back to Jesus. After reading many of his book reviews, I was excited to see that he had written his own book, and as a mother of a son I knew I wanted to dive into this one. Each chapter is a biography of the mother of a well-known believer with thoughts written by a woman to encourage and engage the heart of the mother reading the pages. I’m only 4 chapters in, but I’m hooked. This is good. There is so much to learn from the believers who have gone before us.

For a long time I stopped highlighting verses in my Bible. It seemed messy and chaotic, but this past year has changed all that. Maybe because I would rather my Bible was messy and chaotic and my heart was at rest from spending time with Jesus in that space. I don’t know, all I know is that the more colorful the verses are becoming, the more my heart is longing to know. I discovered these highlighters from a random post on Instagram and fell in love with them. They don’t bleed through thin pages and they dry quickly. If you are looking for something *not* neon, you may find you love them too!

Midliner Highlighters

We live in home that is almost 111 years old with many unique features that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the homes around us. One night I was scrolling through Instagram when I discovered the Cheap Old Houses page and I felt like I was looking into faces I recognized. Most of these homes are on the east coast – many are falling apart and in need of some love, but oh. I see my home in so many. From staircases to pastor’s pews, to stained glass windows, I see the same care and design that went into my own. If you want to get lost, or dream of moving to Kentucky or Pennsylvania or New Jersey, spend some time here. Here are two pictures from a home in Kentucky that needs a family.

Cheap Old Houses

One last one…

A year ago, I noticed the need for our family to be in a Homeschool Co-op again. This goes against everything in my introverted self, but my children needed an outlet outside of our ministry. I had heard of a local one that a friend was going to and so I reached out and asked if there was maybe room for us too. There was. And I haven’t regretted it. I’m watching community form for my children in an environment that lifts that name of Jesus high and I come home tired. And grateful. Even for the moments that stretch and grow us all. And a bonus? Science experiments that *work*!! Case in point? Elias’ crystals below.

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