Friday Favorites {And a Crossway Book Review}

The New Year counts in and life still moves forward…there is still laundry and dishes and meals to make.

Zeruiah turns 6 and she explodes with joy…fireworks have nothing on this sweet girl.

And time continues to move quickly, even when the days can feel long and never ending.

I thought it might be kind of fun to list some favorite things on Fridays – maybe not very original, but fun info to pass along, regardless, and maybe you’ll find some favorite things too!

So, here is Moving to 4th Street: List #1

The 10 Commandments by Kevin DeYoung

It’s not the typical book I would pick up to review, but that’s precisely the reason why I did. I read “The Hole in our Holiness” by Mr. DeYoung and was deeply challenged by his insight. This book is no different.

I think we can become slightly jaded, whether we mean to be or not, by passages that can become overly familiar. Or, as the book points out, we can also lose understanding when certain passages are no longer passed down from one generation to the next, which seems to be more of the norm lately.

Approaching each commandment from the surface meaning and then digging deeper in to the nuances that affect us inwardly, the author handled both the words and the heart of the reader with insight and care.

I highly recommend The 10 Commandments and encourage you to read through it slowly.*

We too often think of the Ten Commandments as constraining us – as if God’s ways will keep us in servitude and from realizing our dreams and reaching our potential.

We forget that God means to give us abundant life (John 10:10) and true freedom (John 8:32). His laws, 1 John 5:3 tells us, are not burdensome.

Kevin DeYoung: The 10 Commandments, pg. 23

What Have You Podcast

I wasn’t going to ever jump on the podcast train. I thought podcasts were silly. And then I discovered this podcast, and this one, and this one too, and suddenly, getting ready in the morning or sorting laundry is becoming much more fun.

I didn’t have a sister growing up and so listening to sisters try and “podcast” together is incredibly delightful to me, and Rachel and Bekah dive into everything from Scripture to mundane things to tips that sometimes have no relevance to my life but are fun to listen to.

If you need something to distract you from those fine lines forming around your eyes while you are getting ready in the morning – give What Have You a listen!!

Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

I started Trim Healthy Mama in 2017 and lost 50 pounds over the course of the next year that I’ve been able to maintain. In the course of learning a new way of eating and looking at food I discovered that there are so many websites that offer recipes and ideas for this lifestyle plan. I recently discovered Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen over the Christmas holiday. As a certified Trim Healthy Mama Coach, I love being able to offer this resource. (And in the coming month, my coaching business will be launched, so stay tuned!)

Growth Roots Co.

I began this journal at the beginning of December, and it has quickly becoming a favorite part of my morning devotions. There are places to journal, write down goals, prayer requests, God’s faithfulness and more. I saw this morning that Growth Roots Co. have sold out of their journals, but will be opening up for pre-orders soon. Definitely check it out!


If there is one thing I learned in this last year, it’s that being in the Word of God is not something to be taken lightly. So as 2018 faded away to 2019, I pushed reset on the app and went back down to 0%. There is something that makes me incredibly happy about seeing the percentage go up through out the year, but this is now my 4th time going through the Bible in a year and I’m amazed at how I’m beginning to see how each book is tied together in incredible ways.

This reading plan is linked to She Reads Truth – another great resource to check out!

So far, I’ve read: Genesis 1-12, John 1-4, and Psalm 1-5. Join me!! You won’t regret it!

Whole Magazine

There are so many different websites for Christian women that it can become white noise after a while, but again, in the quiet of the Christmas Holiday, I stumbled across this one – Whole Magazine is a beautiful ministry with sound, theological content. Spend some time here and you will come away feeling refreshed!

Can’t wait for next Friday!

*I received a digital copy of The 10 Commandments to review for Crossway. 

All opinions are my own.

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