It’s Rare…

These past two months have found me preparing to speak at a local women’s conference on the topic of wisdom.

There was nothing about the invitation that I was expecting, but I know now that this past year that has felt so quiet, so still, Jesus was preparing my heart for last weekend and using so much of what I had studied to strengthen and encourage my own heart.


He is so good like that.

That’s one part of why this space has been so quiet.

The other, is that a local author, who is also a reader of this blog, approached me about helping him self-publish his first book. As busy as I have been, I said yes after sitting down and reading through it first.

It is a haunting story – hard and broken, yet beautiful and rich in harrowing detail – that finds its setting right here in Yakima, Washington.

Tonight, the website went live, here, and the link for the eBook is up on Amazon.

Come and see Yakima with a fresh new perspective…

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