A New Journey

He tells me in the quiet last night that there are words to lay down behind the words I had just spoken.

That, Kimberley, you need to write about that.

His dad, the one who wore that leather hat and had that gentle smile – he was the one I would turn to with these questions I was voicing…I always would turn to him, almost like I couldn’t remember what he had said only a few months before. Remind me again, please – how do I forgive? What does it look like again?

But someone else answers his phone number now, I’m sure – his eyes have taken in the glory of God and he has joined those around the throne and worships fully and completely. And the words that he spoke long ago have slipped away like the years have done.

I folded myself up on the kitchen counter this past week, knees against my chest and I faced two choices – I knew which one I wanted to choose. It seemed easier and safer.
But easy and safe – it doesn’t seem palatable anymore.
It could be because Christ’s path doesn’t seem like it should be easy and safe anymore.  Taking up a cross and losing my life for HIs sake doesn’t sound like it is supposed to be easy.
And yet, He is incredibly tender and merciful – He sees the fear and the weakness that mark this step, this unfolding of my very quiet, yes.
Thomas Watson, hundreds of years ago, he penned these words,
Jesus Christ was once bruised on the cross: “it pleased the Lord to bruise him” (Isa 53:10). His hands and feet were bruised with the nails; His side was bruised with the spear. A bruised reed is a member of Christ; and though it is weak, Christ will not cut it off, but will cherish it so much the more…See, then, the gracious disposition of Jesus Christ – he is full of clemency and sympathy. Though he may bruise the soul for sin, he will not break it. The surgeon may lance the body and make it bleed, but he will bind up the wound. As Christ has beams of majesty, so he has a heart of mercy. Christ has both the lion and the lamb in his escutcheon; the lion, in respect of his fierceness to the wicked (Psalm 50:22), and the lamb, in respect to the mildness to his people. HIs name is Jesus, a Saviour, and his office is a healer (Mal 4:2)..How full of mercy is Christ, in whom all mercy meets! Christ has a skillful hand and a tender heart. “He will not break a bruised reed”.
And maybe this right here is the very first step – trusting Jesus. Not mapping out each path or turn that could be taken, but trusting the One Who sees the outcome from here. Who planned out the ending before the beginning even began…

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