When He is Gracious {Day 7}

Failure can settle in deep and I won’t want to stand at my sink to see what the days Naming will be. Instead, I become tempted to wallow in that deep sea of self-pity and wrap myself in rags of defeat instead of a heart washed white as snow.

Until I look up and see that He is Gracious – a Gracious God full of mercy.
Until I look up to see my daughter crumble – her tears on her face and her head laid on her arms.
Until I look up to see the face of a friend who shows grace to the broken heart of my 7 year old and gives her a way to express her pain through art.
Until I climb those stairs in the old, creaky building and hear laughter coming out of the room closest to me.
Until I peek my head in and see her head thrown back in laughter with one who so willingly steps in as an older brother to my four.
He is Gracious and He delights to show mercy and so many days I forget. I forget that His grace is a gift and His mercy is tender and He wraps my days up in both – will I willingly open up my eyes to find them?
We carry home drawings and brownie crumbs and a sleeping baby curled up in my arms and we nestle in close at the close of the day and His Hand has never left us – His graciousness has kept us secure.
You wait to be Gracious and You exult to show Mercy and I am desperate for both. Tender Savior, Your eyes never leave Your children and in the dark of night or in the dark of sorrow or in the light of great joy, You wait for me to look to You, to trace Your movements throughout my days. Blessing is found when I still and wait for You, the riches of Your Grace most clearly seen when I sit with whatever You allow to come my way. Gracious God, You are so very good and Your Mercy calms my heart.

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