From the Greatest to the Smallest

The world can spin in dizzying speeds and I can look at the climate around me and it becomes hard to breathe.

I can hear the words of government leaders and watch votes be cast and the cheering on one side wars with the screaming of the other and there aren’t enough ear plugs to drown out the noise and I look at the innocence of my children and my soul trembles with the fear of all the unknowns that surround them.

Presidents and Kings hold power and weight in the heady thrill of their position and we bob in the wake of their decisions.

But there is a Ruler, above all rulers, Who holds the hearts of kings in His Hands.

And because that station is so far removed from my own, because I will never be found in a position to control any government official, it becomes an easy thought to believe and cling to.

Until He brings the thought near and close to home. Until the status quo of my own small existence is interrupted and my illusion of control is shaken and suddenly, what is truly in my heart rises to the surface.

He stands as a faithful witness to my moments and my days – no matter how small; no matter how insignificant.

He takes notice of what I freely offer to Him and what I slowly and silently begin to believe is truly mine…

what quietly becomes idolized in my heart.

Instead of relying on Him and His calling on my life, I begin to find worth and definition in what I think I can control.

But He is ruler above all rulers – and that includes even me.

Jesus spoke courage into the hearts of His disciples as He looked directly at them and claimed,

And in those words, He began to pry the tight hold of control they had on their lives. Because all authority had been given to Him, they could go. They could go and do the impossible. They could go and preach His Gospel. They could go and make disciples.
They could go and let go of their lives to die only to find Him Faithful to His promise to always be with them.
Daily Adoring
You allow the ground below my feet to move at times, I think. When I begin to find more comfort in my life than I am finding in You, You reach through to shake things up a bit. You reveal what is deep in my heart and You cause it to rise to the surface and You show me the fallible things that I am building my life on.
And unless a life is built on You, unless that foundation is You, the kingdom I build will crumble and fall.
You are the Ruler above all other rulers from the greatest to the smallest and You won’t share that place with any other.
So I give you open hands and surrender the hold I never really had on a life that is Your own anyways. My life is Yours because You are Faithful and True and no matter what happens tomorrow or in 10,000 tomorrows, You allow it for Your glory and I choose to trust in Your Hand.

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