Daily Adoring #54: God, Who Hears My Prayers, Big and Small

It’s the end of the day and the beginning of September and the spiders have grown large and they are searching out places to hide.

Almost nightly now there are voices, tight with panic, that call out to their daddy asking for his bravery that stands larger than their fear.

There are nights that he’s tired and a slight sigh escapes, but he is moved by the voices of his daughters – he understands that they are scared and he lends his strength to calm their fear.

But truly God has listened;
He has attended to the voice of my prayer.
Psalm 66:19

This past summer has done a number on my heart – or maybe it’s been me that’s done the number. I didn’t realize it until a drive home last evening when he opened the door to my feelings and what poured out was pain-filled and broken.
There comes a point when either you have messed up or someone else has and in order to distance yourself from pain like that again, you begin to close down small parts of your heart. It seems harmless, really. Protects you and them, right?
But closing off your heart to those around you has the grave potential of shutting down your heart towards Jesus and that, that is when those closed off places begin to atrophy and harden.
With no blood flow – extremities die and without His love flow, my soul began to curl inward and I didn’t even realize it.
Death can happen so slowly.
And all it takes to breathe again is to open your mouth and say that one, small word.
Just say, Help.

And He hears. He hears, and He responds. A Father moved by the voice of his daughter and He comes near and He breathes life into broken dust and there is hope.
The smallest prayer can actually become the largest one because when a heart lays bare, His strength becomes all and Hope shines brightest in that moment.

He hears it all – the small and the large and the stone is made soft once again.

And I am so very thankful…

A gift cut, sewn, buttoned
2499. Lyla’s crafts
2500. You-tube video helping me fix that tear
2501. That tent for our 4

3 gifts new
2502. New curriculum 
2503. New Bible study
2504. New dinner ideas
3 gifts long awaited
2505. That new curriculum
2506. Coffee with friends
2507. His key in the lock
A gift one, two, three
2508. My 1 son
2509. The 2 of us
2510. My 3 daughters
3 gifts very small
2511. Zeruiah’s 10 tiny toes
2512. Fast rain storms
2513. All those newborn clothes I’m putting away
3 miracles
2514. Our life here
2515. Each of my children
2516. Our marriage
3 gifts summer
2517. It’s almost over 🙂
2518. Low 80F days
2519. All those peaches

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