Daily Adoring #53: The God of All Nature

It’s Sunday and this space is supposed to sit quiet, but I’ve been quiet these last few days and it’s a brand new month.

A brand new month and the edges of the sun were burnished in fall-ish gold this morning and so why not sit in front of a screen to give Him glory?

We walked down the path to feed the ducks this afternoon, to sit in front of still water and watch the minnows swirl and the crawdads do their slow water dance across a muddy pond floor, hidden in shadow but appearing in the sun-patches and the delight of my children was loud and rambunctious.

I grumbled this morning about the noise. About the never ending chaos that seems to surround our days. There is always a shout coming from somewhere, always an argument over something seemingly small. Zeruiah has begun to crawl with force and suddenly my sit-down and quiet moments are few and I can look ahead at the next  three years with dread, or I can look at them with Jesus in view.
The sky above me, that shows off different shades of blue throughout the day as though it were a jewel above me, is lifting my eyes to handiwork of my God. The heavens above, the ones that are vast and larger than anyone can explore completely can’t contain His glory.

And it all rests like a canopy over each one of us, it covers the six of us and as the sun makes its journey stretching shadows long on either side of our house, as our voices rise and fall and the minutes are filled with joy and chaos, His glory, His very presence is there.

Their yelling and chaos can leave me depleted or it can send me searching out for the One Who gives rest to the weary.  The loss of the sit-down moments of rest can leave me frustrated or it can open my eyes to the way that Jesus, in all of His holiness, bends down near to me to help me up.  I have a choice. Can I choose Him over me?
As summer fights to breathe out the last of its heat and autumn touches everything red and crimson and gold I am realizing it is all an echo of His glory that keeps the days spinning and our world moving and our lungs filling each day.

God of all nature holds all of nature in His hand and my eyes search for Him and my soul is deeply filled.

You are over the heavens above my head and You are closer than the air I breathe in. August ends and September begins and You are God over the time moving forward.  All of nature heaves with Your glory and You let us be apart of it whether we choose to see You or not.

Let me pause today, in the middle of it all to lift up my eyes to the skies You paint in brilliant shades to soak in the wonder of You.

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