Daily Adoring #48: The One Who Knows His Beginning from His End

I may not always understand the why behind babies dying in their mamas arms. I may not understand why that one young man who surrendered his life to Jesus got shot and killed last week. The police sirens may wail 2 streets over for reasons that I may never know.

I may live in a world where truth is no longer based on fact, but on personal experience – absolutes may seem to be obsolete and to claim I follow Jesus is either met with rage or sarcasm.

I may look towards a future and feel my soul tremble as my little one plays at my feet – as I read statistics and hear the predictions of the loss of believers and the growing numbers of cynics and I begin to wonder where my children will land.

Things can suddenly seem too big and too uncertain until I read the words of Jesus,

In the face of the Pharisees who hated Him and didn’t believe, Jesus spoke words true and strong.  He didn’t have to question where He came from and where He was going – He, the Light of the World already knew the path that got Him there and where it would ultimately lead.

I belong to the One Who knows every beginning all the way through to every. single. end. and each thread that seems to be flailing in the early fall wind – it has a purpose to alone bring Him glory. And whether I see it now or when I see Jesus face to face, I have hope. Not in tomorrow, not even in the next five minutes.  But I have hope in Jesus alone because each beginning and each end has already by seen by His eyes and allowed. I still don’t understand babies dying and gang shootings and families falling apart.  I don’t. But I trust in the one Who does and Who is good and Who can bring about good when we open our hands to Him in trust.


You have no beginning and there is no end and this life You have given to me? It is so small in the light of all that eternity is. Less than one hundred years to walk on this earth and each hard thing You allow and each moment that seems to be a blessing? Could it be that these moments that cause my heart to panic and race are actually gifts to see Your face more clearly?  Because this life isn’t about me and it isn’t about how much I can store up and how easy I can make it all – it is all about You and how my life poured out can somehow give You, Eternal One, glory.

The One Who Knows Your Beginning from Your End, You are unfathomable and the depth of You is unending, but that You would come near and let me abide in You, let me draw strength and call upon You and You take this life all marred with sin and You give up Your life and now it is Jesus You see? I choose to trust in You and Your grace – choose to trust that when everything else around me grows darker and darker that You, Jesus, will begin to shine brighter and brighter – because You had no beginning and You will never end.


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