Morning Adoring #34: One Who fills the Earth with Mercy

I had been pointed in the direction of a steep path and a quiet walk so as children went loudly running in one direction, Zeruiah and I went walking in the other.

I had been told, but I didn’t understand until I rounded the corner and stood on the edges of a space quiet and holy.

We are back from the intensity of  2 weeks at camp and as we settle back into schedules and routines, the noise of excess can begin to sneak in and around us and the mercy found on a hilltop can quickly be lost back down on the hard packed earth of the valley.

But His mercy? It fills the whole earth – in the cool of a mountain forest and the heat of an inner city – I don’t have to hike up a steep path to find it, it is right here because He is here and my life, my home, the work I do becomes a hallowed sanctuary made still for His glory.

One Who fills the Earth with Mercy, You are here in the quiet of a keyboard tapping, the cry of a baby waking up from her nap, in the laundry room that has a load needing to be switched over. You are here, Your mercy can be found wherever You are and when the noise becomes too much, when the decisions are too many, when exhaustion and sadness are soul deep, help me to remember that You are still more. Your glory rests on the most unlikely and I sit under the grace of Your mercy.

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