Morning Adoring #32 ~ The One Who Created Me for His Glory

This Monday morning doesn’t find me packing up the car again, loading up the car with four children again, driving down that winding mountain road again.

Instead, it finds me facing a cleaning schedule to resume, a homeschool schedule to prepare and a little girl sitting across from me slurping the milk from her spoon too loud.

And the mundane creeps in and I want to run for the hills because my humanity fights the valley. I want to sense Him near in the quiet again.

But His glory? It’s here too. In the thrumming of the dryer and those shorts I’ve folded now for the hundredth time. It’s found in the bending over the rack of clean dishes and it covers me as I nestle them once more in the cupboard above me. It whispers quiet in the 3 am feeding, giving strength when I can’t even walk straight and in the counter swimming with water and a little boy’s saying in earnest that he was just making super hero juice.

The trees lifted my eyes to God’s majesty, but here – in this space, I realize that He formed these nondescript moments to show Him and His glory most of all.


To the One Who Created me for Your Glory, I give praise. Knowing, maybe more clearly this Monday morning that it really has nothing to do with me most of all. Today, in the bending low to kiss foreheads and scrub toilets and finding that lost toy deep under the couch, let my soul bend lower in worship of You. Each task on that to do list that threatens to overwhelm with the never-ending-ness of it all serve instead to remind my heart to worship the Never-ending-ness of You.

Let my mundane give You praise and Your glory, invited into our home, transform this place.

…everyone who is called by My Name,
whom I created for My Glory,
whom I formed and made.
Isaiah 43:7

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