Morning Adoring {Day 18}: My Deliverer

(Posting over the next 2 weeks may be sporadic – we’ll be going away to serve our Madison House bunch in a different setting and internet service may be spotty. I’ll keep up my Morning Adoring privately…you too?)

Olivia, she’s my middle and she loves to rough house and be all tom-boy and yet there is something about the pink and ruffles of being a girl that holds her captive.

She wants to be a princess.

She wants to be rescued and swept up and ride away on a horse all white and tall with the arms of her Prince Charming holding her close…

Two weeks ago we were driving downtown when the voices on the radio began talking about a ministry for moms who find themselves parenting alone.

And Olivia? She didn’t understand.

Daddies are supposed to stay. Husbands are supposed to love and protect. Love is supposed to be the one thing that is true and that remains.

Her fairytale dreams began to crack, just a little bit, with the reality of how sinful our world can be.

Oh, but there is hope. In the middle of abandonment and rejection and dreams dreamed about for years that begin to crumble – because there is One Who saw the distress that we were, that we are, in and He pushed through that veil that separates Him from us and as He laid down on that tree and bled out His Life for us, He was wrecking the chains of sin and death that hold us captive and away from Him.

And as He rose again, God threw open that door and we are no longer lost in the dark – no, we’ve been snatched up and brought into the Kingdom of His Beloved Son.

We are found,

we are rescued,

and there is no greater, no surer love story than that…


My Deliverer – You thundered through the darkness of death that seemed so unmovable. You stood face to face to it, You let it steal your breath and stop Your heart cold and You laid there, those three long days and I wonder if death really thought it had won.

Your eyes flashed open, that rock had no power to keep You in and in an instant, the curse was broken. 

Because of You, because of Your gift of Life, death no longer has power over me either. Yes, this body will break down, but after I breathe my last here, eternity will fill my lungs and my rescue will be fully known – just as You will be fully known.

Thank You, for the gift I can’t fully comprehend. For laying down Your pure and beautiful Life so that I can find shelter under Your Mercy.

Thank You that I can come near and be delivered.

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