Morning Adoring {Day 15}: God Who Rules the Raging Sea

Clouds don’t have to churn all dark and ominous – 
sea-salt doesn’t have to spray over the edges to feel as though everything is dangerously off-kilter;
no, storms can rage within the air of four walls,
inside a heart encased in bone.
It can take the form of that first high pitch of that first whine of the day – that left shoe lost again for the thousandth day in a row. The fight over making the bed, sitting down for school work, the one hundred millionth cup of spilled water just today.

And it’s only 8 AM.
He says one thing and I mean another and suddenly thunder is rumbling and eyes flash electric and the calm breaks and we are in the middle of a storm that turns my face red and my heart green.
I need Jesus.
I need to see Him walking across the heaving of the foundation underneath me and reach out His Hand to say, Do not fear, sweet one, it is I.

I need to know He is coming, I need to know that He rules over all that is human in me. And that He can still everything that threatens to undo me.
I need to know this promise today – that chaos can explode all around, laundry will still pile up and the vacuum still needs to be emptied and then run over the floors again, reminders and decisions and empty tanks will happen,  but Jesus is there
My Rescuer is coming,
and the air around me?
It is beginning to still…

God Who rules the raging sea – Who doesn’t leave Your own in the middle of the storm alone.

You are the One Who approaches, the One Who comes to rescue – You reach out to speak into the places in me that scream and rage. Your voice alone can still it all, but in the middle of everything that unsettles and makes me afraid, before You still any of it, You ask me to come. To walk out and trust You in the middle of it all.

And like Peter, I struggle to keep my eyes on You, I struggle to believe that You are more powerful then the rage of satan that I can find myself in the middle of. But even if I falter… even if, Jesus? Your hands that were pierced and are scarred – they reach out and pull me back out.


Because that is why You came. You didn’t come to still storms, but to rescue us in the middle of them. And even if certain situations never do change, if there will always be the clap of thunder above me, You can still what is deep in my soul.

You rule the raging of the sea,

but You calm the swirling beat of a faltering heart.

Open my eyes to see You there, in the middle of it all, today.

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