Morning Adoring {Day 13}: God Who Holds Me Up

I go about each day needing to always be filled.

It starts first thing in the morning – that bleary-eyed search for my coffee cup while the three older-little-ones-who-aren’t-so-little clamor around for breakfast.

There is always a search for something to fill.

And maybe for an hour or two, that need is satisfied – until a tummy rumbles or boredom sets in or the whisper of someone else’s hunger is heard and that need rears it’s head again and the search sets in once more.

It’s a hunt that is in each of us – and we don’t always recognize it for what it is.

It’s a desire for Jesus. The desire that sustains according to God? It begins and ends with Jesus, The True Promise – the Only Promise that settles the rumbling of a soul.

And if my hope is in the Sustaining Promise of Christ – my hopes will never falter, will never be dashed, because I will be cupped in the Fulfillment of God.


The sun is already beating down hot and if I look too far into the day ahead of me, my shoulders begin to brace themselves for the load that borrowed worry heaps on.  I forget so easily, Jesus, that Your load is easy – it’s light, and it’s one I don’t carry alone.

Each promise of God? It has been made complete in You. You are the Beginning and the Amen – There is nothing about my day that can’t be cupped in Your Hands.

Sustain me, my God, according to the Promise found in Jesus, and I will live – this day will have life and will be fulfilling. I place each hope that trembles, that could so easily turn into a weight of worry, into Your Hands that hold the earth I walk on. Faith believes, and I believe that no matter the outcome of each circumstance, my hope will not be dashed – because You are the One Who holds my gaze.

God Who holds me up – I lean into Your steadfast strength.

How I love You.

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