Adoration {Day 8}: God Who Always Hears Me

You hear it all – the silly and the sacred. The ugly and the praise – You hear it all and it makes me pause.

You, the God Who can make beauty out of ashes and give the oil of joy for mourning, You call me to take my eyes off of the circumstances around me and approach You with the confidence of a daughter who knows her Daddy will hear.

I wonder if I have been looking at this all wrong all along – that I don’t have to wait to feel worthy to approach You – Your blood alone has made me sure, so the confidence I search for and find lacking – it’s already mine and all I have to do is come.

You are trustworthy and Your ear never misses a whisper.

And Your will – isn’t as illusive as I always thought either. Because You have formed all things for Your pleasure and to show Your glory and my life? You can use even that.

My life? I want it to be Yours. I want you to use it for Your glory.

Today – it’s surrounded on all sides by the truth of Your grace – that You hear this daughter who is growing beyond the timid and drawing near in the confidence that can only come from Your goodness.

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