Adoration {Day 7}: God Who Revealed Himself in a Son

Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in Me.

It was those words You said to the disciples before you ever turned to Philip. Before he ever asked to see the Father.
Before anything else, You call for our hearts to not be troubled because Your heart beats sure. You are God – an amazing mystery that brings comfort and awe.

You are the Son and also Holy God and if I turn my eyes to You…

I behold the Face of God.

Eternal, Uncontainable God – You wrapped Yourself up in dust and You came so very near.
The air that fills my lungs has filled Yours – You touch the deepest places in me.

You cover my days with Your beautiful grace and I have walked with You all these years – today let my eyes recognize You in my moments. In the moments that seem crazy and chaotic – raise my eyes to the reality that You are holding everything fast.
Draw me close to Your Father-heart so that I hear You, 
so that I see You above everything else.

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