Adoration {Day 5}: The One Who Lifts Me from Reproach

By 4 o’clock this morning, I had been covered in the vomit of 2 children.

Exhausted and a little overwhelmed, I got us all cleaned up and laid the smallest one back down and made the oldest one comfortable and then I waited in the dark for the sick-call to come. Because it would.

And it did.

And what else can a mama do but respond?

I thought of my sin a lot through the night. Covered in vomit, the stench seemed to bring it to mind. But I also thought of You.

Because my reproach has been enough to break me – and I have been the one to point out the reproach of others and the weight of my anger and sin has been enough to destroy me and it has destroyed relationships with others

and when my eyes are focused on all of my brokenness, I miss the beautiful truth of what You have done.

In the earliest hours of the morning, I was alone with a washcloth in hand, scrubbing vomit off of myself, the floor and the bed frame. But under You, under the grace of Your sacrifice – through Your physical body dying under the weight of my sin, I am reconciled to You. The reproach is lifted and I am free – no spots, no blemishes…the accusations calling for my payment I can never make…they are gone.

Overwhelming grace, Jesus. Your forgiveness takes it all and changes it for Your glory.

So in a house full of sick today, I can remember in the middle of vomit and tears that because of You, I am clean and the grace You gave me is the grace I can offer even in the middle of overwhelming messes.

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