Adoration {Day 3}: The One Who Fills Us with the Knowledge of His Will

Out of all the verses I memorized in Colossians, I can remember that this verse was my favorite to say. The cadence of the words, the roll of them as I would place specific stress on specific words.

And I wonder, as I would say them over and over, if in Your nearness You were ready to open my eyes, to pierce my heart, if only I was willing.

Paul, he prayed this specific thing for the believers in Colossae and I can become so jaded thinking that these words were only for them – but all of scripture is full of Your breath and these words – even these – are truth for me to hold on to as well.

And this is a gift – You don’t just give some or a small portion of knowledge when it comes to Your will, but You give all and it’s surrounded with wisdom and understanding and I can stand here confident and not shaken because You never leave me without access to You.

Sleepless nights and feverish babies and overtired children can leave my heart and my mind depleted – but in You, I have all that I need to step into this day and live out each minute to glorify You, and where I will fail – Your amazing grace covers even that.

So this morning, fuzzy-brained and coffee-less, I can trust that when I flounder, (and I am so thankful for this) You are there.

Always there,

I only need to ask.

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