Adoration {Day 2}: God who Surrounds Me with Mercy

Your Mercy surprises – like stepping outside onto a porch baked in the summer sun and catching my breath as the cool valley air blows by.

Your Mercy is like that.

I have stood hardened, scorched by the heat of my own sin.

When they all realized that the air was cooler outside than in the house, our older three came running – as they threw balls and rolled on the grass with the puppy, I pulled up a chair and pulled Zeruiah near; I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in close and as the wind blew, she leaned into my heart.

Your Mercy is refreshing, it’s a constant movement – and my sin is no match for Your compassion, for  Your love that stands firm in a rushing river of grace.

I come to You, not to stand by on the outskirts like I have in the past, bent over in shame and regret – my skin barely touching Yours – but to press in, to enter in to Your Mercy that protects and surrounds with Your steadfast love. There is no place safer – no other place that I will find healing for the starved areas of my soul.

You surround with Your Mercy and You fill the dry spaces with Joy.

And I hear Your heartbeat giving rhythm to my day as I press close to You and Mercy rushes by.

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