Adoration {Day 1}: God of Unsearchable Understanding

~ Today begins something new that I am going to put into practice for this next year, Lord willing. With four little ones, my creativity is limited, but I have been praying specifically about God’s Word sinking deep in my heart so that it isn’t just a box I check off, but that it actually begins to transform my days. His answer led me here, to the Practice of Adoration.  

I memorized a verse in Romans recently that shook me out of my complacency: 

For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God
nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their
foolish hearts were darkened.
Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools…
(Romans 1:21-22)
Were my days seeing more failure than success because I wasn’t glorifying Him or giving Him thanks for Who He is?

Are my ideas about God based on His Words, or are they based on Who/what others say He is?

I’ve been shaken.

So, when He led me here randomly, I knew this was His answer.
My goal is to write here, every morning, for the next year based on these printables. These postings will be quiet – no promotion on facebook, just a quiet place to worship and come to know Him as God and you are more than welcome to meet me here as I meet Him in this space. On top of these postings, I’ll continue to write about the journey God is taking us on as we trade in our safe for His anything  and move down to the inner city. He is already opening doors and I sit here overwhelmed.

But Jesus must be the foundation – not only of our dreams, but of this space, and I am excited to see how He will make Himself known.

Join me?  ~

The nights where she cries out are becoming less and the mornings where I wake from uninterrupted sleep are becoming more, and my mind emerges disoriented.

Her cry finds its way into my dreams so that I can provide the comfort that she needs, but You – You never drift off. My cry never surprises You, it never catches You off guard. You, the attentive Father, know my voice.

The day begins and You already know what is ahead – You know the conversations and the unspoken meanings. You see the brokenness and You are the Solution that I so often overlook. And yet, even in my forgetting, You don’t grow weary – You continually pursue.

How can I not praise You? How can I not thank You? How can I not trust that Your eyes see all the pieces that I can’t?

Today I am choosing to rest in knowing that I will never fully know.  But You do. You see from the very first moment to the last and that regardless of what happens today or tomorrow, or what has happened in all of the yesterdays, You are good.


3 thoughts on “Adoration {Day 1}: God of Unsearchable Understanding

  1. kimberley says:

    I would love it if you did, dear Irene. Knowing that there is someone else on a journey with you is encouraging – I'm glad that you are doing this as well. And on opposite sides of the world, we'll worship Him together.


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