For When it is Dark

When the air around us grows heavy and dark – when opinions are many and decisions weigh heavy. When the past seems idyllic and the future is bleak and the present,
this very moment right now can seem as though it is moving too fast.
And a heart can beat strong with bravery while still quaking with fear in the quiet and everything seems so unknown while your hands are flailing for anything to hold on to.
But there is truth,
God’s truth,
that is unmovable and sure.
I stand here, in the middle, holding the hands of my little ones while trying to shield their innocence for just a little while longer.
To let them be children before they are thrown into the wrestlings of a society around us that runs to the perverse rather then towards purity and truth.
I can forget, so easily, that this is where the truth of the Gospel comes close. That the Gospel-truth is for all days, not just that first day that held my first prayer to the Eternal God Who is sovereign over every single day that has been and will be.

Because He has set me free from the darkness around through HIs death on that tree. He died and He has rescued me and He has made me His.
This is the gospel and because of what He has done, I have certainty.

Surrounded by a sea of uncertainty, the bottom can feel as though it’s fallen out from underneath me – what has held me sure is washed away,
He is there.
And the truth of Jesus is there.
The bottom may fall out from underneath me. It could fall out from underneath me more than once – really, it already has many times…
and *that* is what I could focus on,
I could choose to focus on the truth that no matter how dark the air around us becomes,
no matter how many people fall away from Him,
no matter how uncertain the future looks for my children,
Jesus faithfully remains the I Am.
He remains the true harbour when everything seems tossed and stormy.
Darkness may be descending, but it will never overcome The Light Who came to dwell among us.

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